2017 New Year’s Resolutions

  • Say “Thank you” instead of “Sorry” (so instead of “Sorry for being late” say, “Thank you for being so patient and waiting for me! ūüėä”
  • Stop DREAMING and start DOING
  • ¬†Always keep a smile on my face especially when I don’t want to
  • Find lessons in failure
  • Put down the phone and spend the time you’d be on it enjoying people’s company, or work toward your goals
  • ¬†Do fun things during the week, not just the weekend
  • ¬†Try to wake up earlier and set goals for the day
  • ¬†Give more compliments to those around you
  • ¬†Create healthier habits (Drink more water, eat less labeled food, cook more nutritious meals, cut out processed sugar!)
  • ¬†Learn to take walks when you’re stressed (take a walk with someone?)
  • ¬†Change up the workout routine (doing the same things over and over become less beneficial to your body and your health)
  • ¬†Learn to relax (No electronics)
  • ¬†Always try new things (Sports, activities, foods etc)
  • ¬†Try to blog once a week
  • ¬†Do something the scares you
  • ¬†Graduate high school and start college (insert internal freak-out)
  • ¬†Visit family more often
  • ¬†Ask someone for life advice
  • ¬†Travel places (go on a road trip with your best friend this summer)
  • ¬†Make plans with people (No more “let’s hang out” and then be to shy to actually ask them to hang out)
  • ¬†Get a new job
  • ¬†Meet new best friends in college
  • ¬†Read more books (any recommendations?)
  • ¬†Become a better speller and actually know where to put commas
  • ¬†Write more handwritten letters and make more phone calls
  • ¬†Don’t worry about what others think
  • ¬†Gain more patience
  • ¬†Be the change you want to see in the world. Your actions and choices can make a difference to the people around you. (They might even follow your example)
  • ¬†Learn to live in the moment



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