Chicago Tour 2017

Here is my Chicago Tour Video:

This was my last Choir Tour in high school and I couldn’t have asked for a better time. I was with some of my favorite people in the beautiful Windy City. Here are some of my highlights (for a quick look I bolded the main points):

March 2nd:

We started our morning off by singing to the elderly at St. Villa Senior Living. They were an extremely appreciative audience that had so many kind things to say about our tour group. After that, we drove to Curie Metropolitan High School and met up with America’s Got Talent semifinalists, “Musicality” and their Concert Choir. It was an extremely exciting experience to sing for them, and hearing them sing to us. Afterward, we spontaneously broke out into a rap battle and became really good friends through the music we shared. (Shoutout to Reggie and Anna). Later, we found ourselves singing underneath The Bean as it started to lightly snow. As the chill started to nip at our noses we walked down the street to go to the Art Institute of Chicago. It was so overwhelming but absolutely mesmerizing. My favorite part was going to ‘Modern Art’ where there was sensory art (like a giant matress that you could jump on while there was 70’s music playing. Or digging your feet into warm sand even though it’s 30 degrees outside.) Something special that happened later that evening was having supper at an authentic Mexican restaurant, “Ceasars”. Wow, it was incredible. (and I’m typically not a huge fan of Mexican food but this was a whole new experience.) I also got to sit with some lovely ladies (Summer, AJ, and Grace) who I couldn’t have imagined a better time with. After stuffing ourselves we got to have front row seats to Blue Man Group. I wish I had pictures of this but you’re not allowed to take pictures or videos (Which was actually really nice to disconnect and be in the present). I have seen Blue Man Group when I was younger and this was a totally different experience. Both experiences were thrilling, and I plan to go again in the future.

March 3rd:

Starting the day off, we traveled to Shed Aquarium. I was so lucky to have my mom on this trip so I spent most of my day with her! 🙂 She knows me so well and we took off to where the otters are because…otters. They are so adorable. After Shed, we drove to Navy Pier.  Unfortunately, we didn’t spend a lot of time at this destination, but I am determined to go back sometime when it’s warm! In the afternoon we went to Michigan Avenue for lots of shopping and seeking out some Garret Chicago popcorn mix. Mom and I, being chocoholics, spent a significant amount of time in Ghirardelli’s Chocolate shop. As the sun was starting to set we made our way up the Hancock building to the 360 Chicago Observatory. We watched Chicago’s city lights rise as the sun descend behind towering buildings in Chicago. It was an incredible trip, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the life I’m living and the people I am so blessed to have in it.