Recently I have found a passion of mine; painting and hand lettering. I started posting some of my work on Snapchat and have received an abundance of love and many friends and family wondering if I am selling my stuff. Now, as a beginner artist things just never looked quite right. I’d feel that I just wasn’t good enough. But the more positive feedback I received, and the more I practiced, practiced, practiced, the more confidence I had in my work.  So I decided to just branch a little shop on my blog to start and see where it goes. Speaking of which, you can find my shop in the tab on the top of this page, and a link to the LWLB Instagram that shows recent photos of projects I have been working on and their details.

P.S I will be selling hand lettered watercolors AND knits!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me through everything. You are so loved.

Love, Belle


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