Recently I have found a passion of mine; painting and hand lettering. I started posting some of my work on Snapchat and have received an abundance of love and many friends and family wondering if I am selling my stuff. Now, as a beginner artist things just never looked quite right. I’d feel that I just wasn’t good enough. But the more positive feedback I received, and the more I practiced, practiced, practiced, the more confidence I had in my work.  So I decided to just branch a little shop on my blog to start and see where it goes. Speaking of which, you can find my shop in the tab on the top of this page, and a link to the LWLB Instagram that shows recent photos of projects I have been working on and their details.

P.S I will be selling hand lettered watercolors AND knits!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me through everything. You are so loved.

Love, Belle

Ways To Show Someone You Love Them

Ways to show someone you love them:

  •  Tell them that you love and appreciate all the things that they do.
  • Play their favorite music and dance with them.
  •  Cook or bake for them. Or WITH them! (Pancakes are hard and require minimal goofing around otherwise they will burn).
  • Go out driving with nowhere to go and talk about anything and everything.
  • Give lots of hugs and make it meaningful
  • Surprise them with special dates, gifts, or even a new song you’ve been wanting to show them!
  • Dress up in your best outfit and go out somewhere special with them. (There doesn’t even need to be an occasion)
  • Make up pretend holidays (It’s “Greatest Boyfriend Day” Oh, looks like that you! Let’s go get Ice cream to celebrate!)
  • Dance in the kitchen with them (fuzzy socks makes it even better)
  • Send them the funniest/ugliest selfie humanly possible.
  • Knit or sew them something warm for the winter.
  • Sing to them or with them. (Crank up the tunes and let it out!)
  • Send them snail mail.
  • Be loud and goofy with them.
  • Watch their favorite movie with them (even if it’s 3 hours long and has the worst storyline ever…)
    • Exchange your favorite songs and listen to them on repeat.
  • Take them to your favorite place
  • Plan a surprise date for them
  • Go to a drive-in movie and fill your car/truck up with pillows, blankets, and LOTS of snacks!
  • Call them to say that you miss them

But remind them every day that you love them.

Love, Belle.