2017 New Year’s Resolutions

  • Say “Thank you” instead of “Sorry” (so instead of “Sorry for being late” say, “Thank you for being so patient and waiting for me! 😊”
  • Stop DREAMING and start DOING
  •  Always keep a smile on my face especially when I don’t want to
  • Find lessons in failure
  • Put down the phone and spend the time you’d be on it enjoying people’s company, or work toward your goals
  •  Do fun things during the week, not just the weekend
  •  Try to wake up earlier and set goals for the day
  •  Give more compliments to those around you
  •  Create healthier habits (Drink more water, eat less labeled food, cook more nutritious meals, cut out processed sugar!)
  •  Learn to take walks when you’re stressed (take a walk with someone?)
  •  Change up the workout routine (doing the same things over and over become less beneficial to your body and your health)
  •  Learn to relax (No electronics)
  •  Always try new things (Sports, activities, foods etc)
  •  Try to blog once a week
  •  Do something the scares you
  •  Graduate high school and start college (insert internal freak-out)
  •  Visit family more often
  •  Ask someone for life advice
  •  Travel places (go on a road trip with your best friend this summer)
  •  Make plans with people (No more “let’s hang out” and then be to shy to actually ask them to hang out)
  •  Get a new job
  •  Meet new best friends in college
  •  Read more books (any recommendations?)
  •  Become a better speller and actually know where to put commas
  •  Write more handwritten letters and make more phone calls
  •  Don’t worry about what others think
  •  Gain more patience
  •  Be the change you want to see in the world. Your actions and choices can make a difference to the people around you. (They might even follow your example)
  •  Learn to live in the moment


Life Update: My Blog

My name is Belinda Qualey but I go by Belle.

My favorite thing to do is to talk. I love to have long conversations with the people that are important to me and even with people I just met. I love to hear their stories, triumphs, and current struggles. Making close connections with people is special to me. This is kind of why I’m making a blog. I spent so much time scrolling through feed on my phone that I was neglecting the people around me. So now I’m trying to start a new outlet and stop my mindless scrolling on other medias. I know, I know, I’m starting another online account to try and get off the internet? Well, on this blog I’m not scrolling through feed and living a fake life on the internet. I am no longer controlled by numbers. Honestly, I typically never wear makeup in my daily life, but on my Instagram, I don’t think that there’s one photo of me without makeup on. There are so many people trying to glorify their lives online because we all just want to be liked, but to me, pretending isn’t worth it anymore. I want to connect with others in person and not through friend requests. On this blog I’m going to be myself as if I am the only person who sees this. So, without further ado, this is my blog.